Log Book Service

Log Book Service

Log Book Service

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The log book

Is the list of all monthly and yearly maintenance which the manufacturer has deemed important for the proper functioning of your car or truck. Without this service you could be surprised by car failure or the warranty could be voided. Stopping issues before they start and maintaining the protection from the manufacturer can be done when you make a visit our shop in Browns Plains.

Why Work With Southern District Auto Centre

Peace of Mind: It would be a shame to work with a mechanic who did not properly perform log book service. As a Repco Authorised Service Centre you can rest assured that all of the work we do will be top notch. Additionally, with the Repco Nationwide Warranty you know your car is protected.
Talented Team: As a Repco member our mechanics are always kept in the know with ongoing training sessions and service bulletins.
Great Value: When you work with a local shop you are making an investment in your community.Warranty_Logo copy

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The Importance of Log Book Service

Much of the services in a log book will be to check the car. The more you can pinpoint early the better your car will run. For instance, finding a hole in the transmission fluid hose is much easier to fix than a planetary gear set which has come to a screeching halt.

Common log book services which you can expect include:

Check Belts and Hoses
Check Coolant
Check Car Battery
Check Brake Fluid
Check Transmission Fluid
Check Power Steering Fluid
Check Condition of the Air Filter

Brake Check
Brake Light Check
Check Spark Plugs
Shock Absorber Check
Check Turn Signals
Check Heating System
Check Cooling System
Tyre Pressure Check
Check Spare Tyre Pressure
Tyre Tread Wear Inspection
Check Windshield Washers
Check Windshield Washer Fluid
Change Oil
Tyre Rotation
Engine Tune-up
Check Engine Coolant Sensor

The Importance of Working with Us:

You must have log book service performed by a registered shop or the warranty may be voided. We are your local shop for repairs, inspections and service.

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