Diesel Repairs & Upgrades

Diesel Repairs & Upgrades

Diesel Repairs & Upgrades

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Diesel Fuel Injection Repair

We are Diesel Specialists and an authorized dealer for Diesel Fuel Injection Equipment repairs and services. Our factory-trained technicians provide complete and accurate service on diesel fuel injection systems for all applications.
Diesel Fuel Injection Equipment Repair
Full Common Rail Pump & Injector Repair
Diesel Injection Testing & Diagnostics
Remove and Refit Services
Full-On Vehicle Diagnostics
With one of the most comprehensive diesel repair workshops in Australia, Diesel Specialists can handle all of your service needs. We offer a 12-month, 50,000 km warranty on any fully reconditioned work to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Power Upgrades

Looking for more power out of your 4wd. With years of experience and access to some of the best parts out there we have lots of options available to upgrade your car. First thing to remember, is a healthy motor makes power. As a team of qualified and experienced mechanics we can inspect and carry out repairs to your motor.With a healthy motor there are a number of stages available to suit both your requirements and budget. Some of these include:

Performance Exhausts

With a wide range of high flowing exhausts from turbo back or extractors. A good exhaust system will allow a drop in EGTs and help spool up turbos quicker. We can also customise exhausts to suit individual vehicles that may require custom exhausts to either suit different motors or to cater for aftermarket fuel tanks. Talk to us about your requirements.


We can supply and fit a large range of high flowing intercooler kits to suit a large range of turboed vehicles. With an average of 100 degree drop In EGTS from fitting an intercooler its a must for any owner looking to extract more power from their car.

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Engine Upgrade

Has your engine endured more long hard miles than it can handle? Or maybe you have different requirements than the original engine can cope with. We have the solution in the form of an engine upgrade. We can source and install a reconditioned or brand new engine to give you all the power, torque and endurance you need.

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