Clutch Repairs

Clutch Repairs

Clutch Repairs

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Clutch problems can stop your vehicle in its tracks and they can often seemingly appear out of nowhere. A working clutch is vital for the operation of your car and unfortunately a small issue can rapidly become quite serious if it is not treated quickly. That is why you should have your clutch inspected as soon as you notice a symptom such as noisy operation, unresponsiveness, or if the clutch is becoming disengaged. This is especially true if you want to avoid an expensive clutch repair bill down the road.

Periodical maintenance is required to ensure that your clutch pads are not becoming too worn. So even if you are unsure about whether your clutch needs servicing, give Southern District Auto Centre a call on 07 3194 4447 if it hasn’t been checked in a while. We operate out of Browns Plains and through our degree of workmanship (we are a member of the Repco Auto Tech training program), our well equipped workshop, and our dedication to customer service, we will provide you with a solution that you would expect from any Repco Authorised Service Centre.

Our comprehensive clutch service includes a detailed inspection and testing of the relevant components (such as the pedal, release fork, pressure plate, and clutch plate) and clutch replacement if necessary. So give Southern District Auto Centre’s friendly team a call today to discuss how our clutch service can meet your clutch repair needs before they become serious.

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